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Beta nuclide in Osaka tap water spiked after typhoon

Typhoon17 (Jelawat) passed Japan on 9/30/2012. On 10/1/2012, Osaka city measured the highest amount of beta nuclide in tap water, which was 0.45 Bq/L. This is the highest amount since

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Cesium from tap water in 26% of all the prefectures

Tap water is the most essential element of our daily life. You need it for cooking, shower, and drinking. You need it even when you make your baby food. However,

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Protozoon detected in drinking water source of mid Japan “cause unknown”

  A type of protozoon called Cryptosporidium [Link] has been detected from drinking water source since last year in Nagano. It causes parasitic disease but can’t be chlorinated. The environment

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2.2 μSv/h around river-head area in Ibaraki

Juo dam in Ibaraki is one of the most contaminated dam because of Fukushima. (90km from Fukushima plant) This is used to supply drinking water as well. This is the

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2.7 Bq/kg of cesium measured from well water at 25km from the center of Tokyo

Radiation contamination is becoming serious even around in Tokyo area. 2.7Bq/kg of cesium was measured from well water in Nagareyama Chiba, where is 200km from Fukushima, 25 km from National

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[Derangement] Let’s drink tap water campaign in Fukushima

  Following up this article..Water contamination reached west Kanagawa Having radiation reach the river in Kanagawa over 200km away from Fukushima, Iwaki city is having the campaign of “Let’s drink

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Settlement report 5/13/2012

Donation : 44.00USD Expense : 0.00USD Left in gat : 44.00USD   Goal : 2,000.00 USD (My previous salary in Japan) Current total : 511.00 USD To go : 1,489.00

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186 Bq/Kg from tap water in Kashiwa

A Japanese magazine reported they measured 186 Bq/kg from tap water in Kashiwa. 186 Bq/kg from tap water in Kashiwa Chiba (3/14/2012) 147 Bq/kg from tap water in Kashiwa Chiba

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Decreasing uncontaminated tap water

  Asaza fund, an NPO to save environment of Kasumigaura lake, where is the source of water in Ibaraki measured cesium from 34 rivers to flow into Kasumigaura lake. As

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Tap water glows blue

Citizen’s volunteer group HCR tweeted like this below,     [飲料注意]青く発光する水道水。南相馬市民の緊急通報により聞き取り調査したところ、浴槽に貯めた水道水の下層部が青く変色し発光しているという情報を入手。市民が心配し水道部に問い合わせしたが検査しないという。#内部被曝 #化学反応 #核種分析 — Bansho (@HCR_OPCOM) March 1, 2012   <Translate> [Attention to tap water] Tap water glows blue. A