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Environmental contamination

Radioactive silver emitted as air from the upper part of reactor2

According to Tepco, radioactive silver (Ag-110m) was detected from the Exhaust System of the reactor2 building. The amount was 0.91 Bq/m3. The half-life is 250 days. The sampling date was


1,527 Bq/Kg of radioactive silver from house centipede in Fukushima “Concentration factor is 700 times Cs-137”

  According to a Japanese NPO, WINEP, arthropod’s concentration factor of radioactive silver (Ag-110m) is significantly higher than Cs-137/134. Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare didn’t make the safety level

Export from Japan Sea contamination

China rejected importing suntan cream from Japan for detecting cadmium, daughter nuclide of radioactive silver

On 3/2/2013, Chinese customs announced they rejected importing Japanese suntan cream. The brand is Anessa of Shiseido. They detected Cadmium from the products. The amount is not reported. The products

Sea contamination

Radioactive silver and Sr-90 measured from marine products of Fukushima, silver higher than cesium in 62% of samples

On 11/30/2012, Tepco released the radioactive nuclide analysis of marine products. From the report, Ag-110m (radioactive silver) and Sr-90 were measured from crabs, common skete, and barfin flounder. Especially the half

Sea contamination

China refused importing Japanese frozen saury for excessive cadmium

On 6/13/2012, Shandong China refused Japanese frozen saury and sent 24 tones (4,560,000 JPY) back to Japan. They measured excessive cadmium, which was over the safety limit. Ag-110m turns to

Food contamination

Radioactive silver, Ag-110m measured from fishery products offshore Fukushima, “Shipment was 9/11”

On 9/28/2012, Tepco released Nuclide Analysis Results of Fish and Shellfish (The Ocean Area Within 20km Radius of Fukushima plant). The report shows they have been measuring radioactive silver, Ag-110m from


Cesium is stocked 1.3 times more in unborn baby than mother from the study of cattle

Prof. Hashimoto Manabu from Institute of development, aging and cancer in Tohoku University confirmed cesium is stocked 1.3 times more in unborn baby than mother from the study of stray