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Amari Policy chief of LDP, “It’s impossible to abandon all the nuclear plants”

Amari, the policy chief of Japanese liberal democratic party commented it is impossible to shut down all the nuclear plants in the interview with Jiji on 10/18/2012.   -原発ゼロに進む可能性はあるか。 それは厳しいと思う。新エネルギー先進国のドイツやスペインも思った通りにはいかなかった。原発を全部代替することは不可能だ。


Abe LDP president, “Fukushima is not shutdown yet”

Abe, newly elected LDP president visited Fukushima plant on 10/3/2012. He travelled around reactor1 ~4 by bus but he didn’t wear the protective clothing. In this visit of Fukushima plant,


There is no option of “fast shutdown” for the national votes of nuclear power

Citizens’ group have been trying to realize national votes for nuclear power in Osaka and in Tokyo. By 1/9/2012, they have collected more than 50,000 signatures, which is enough to