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Survey robot died in reactor3

Related to this article..Robot destroyed within 2 hours in reactor 2  Survey runner robot stopped on the radiation measurement of torus room in reactor3. From 11:00 to 15:00 of 7/11/2012,

Cover-ups Plant hazard

Fukushima worker “Human-wave tactics will be needed, problem is if they can collect human workers”

Following up this article..Fukushima worker “Shortage of nuclear worker is becoming serious”   Having finished the radiation survey in reactor1 [Link], actual Fukushima worker Happy11311 tweeted like these below,,  


[Robot decontamination] 0.2 Sv/h on the first floor of reactor3

  Tepco is trying to develop the remote decontamination technology by using robot. They conducted the radiation survey at reactor1 in May [Link]. On 7/5/2012, Tepco announced the radiation survey


[Reactor1] 5.2 Sv/h on the first floor

Tepco conducted robot survey in reactor1 building TIP room and South area on the first floor. (11:40 ~ 15:47 of 7/4/2012) Tepco used 4 robots (2 Quinces and 2 PackBots)


880 mSv/h in reactor2

  On 6/13/2012, Tepco conducted robot survey in reactor2. 880 mSv/h was measured above the dry well. Source 2 Iori Mochizuki


Collapsed door stopped robot from surveying in reactor3

  On 5/23/2012, Tepco attempted radiation survey of the first floor of reactor3. They were planning to have a robot survey in TIP room located at south east of PCV,


[Video] Robot decontamination by remote control in reactor1

On 5/14/2012, Tepco attempted to decontaminate reactor1 by using a remote controlling robot. The video and data were published today.   For the first step, Tepco measured radiation level on

Contaminated water crisis Malformation

Settlement report 4/18/2012

Donation : 125.00USD Expense : 0.00USD Left in hat : 125.00USD Goal of this month : 2,000.00 USD (My previous salary in Japan) Current total : 703.00 USD To go


Pentagon seeks for the robotic technology for nuclear plant

Quote from the New York Times. [Link]   Seeking Robots to Go Where First Responders Can’t In the event of another disaster at a nuclear power plant, the first responders


Robot destroyed within 2 hours in reactor 2

  Following up this article..73Sv/h in container vessel In this level of radiation, even a disaster dealing robot is collapsed within less than 2 hours. In Fukushima plants, robot called