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[Robot decontamination] 0.2 Sv/h on the first floor of reactor3

  Tepco is trying to develop the remote decontamination technology by using robot. They conducted the radiation survey at reactor1 in May [Link]. On 7/5/2012, Tepco announced the radiation survey


[Reactor1] 5.2 Sv/h on the first floor

Tepco conducted robot survey in reactor1 building TIP room and South area on the first floor. (11:40 ~ 15:47 of 7/4/2012) Tepco used 4 robots (2 Quinces and 2 PackBots)


880 mSv/h in reactor2

  On 6/13/2012, Tepco conducted robot survey in reactor2. 880 mSv/h was measured above the dry well. Source 2 Iori Mochizuki


Collapsed door stopped robot from surveying in reactor3

  On 5/23/2012, Tepco attempted radiation survey of the first floor of reactor3. They were planning to have a robot survey in TIP room located at south east of PCV,


[Video] Robot decontamination by remote control in reactor1

On 5/14/2012, Tepco attempted to decontaminate reactor1 by using a remote controlling robot. The video and data were published today.   For the first step, Tepco measured radiation level on

Contaminated water crisis Malformation

Settlement report 4/18/2012

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Pentagon seeks for the robotic technology for nuclear plant

Quote from the New York Times. [Link]   Seeking Robots to Go Where First Responders Can’t In the event of another disaster at a nuclear power plant, the first responders


Robot destroyed within 2 hours in reactor 2

  Following up this article..73Sv/h in container vessel In this level of radiation, even a disaster dealing robot is collapsed within less than 2 hours. In Fukushima plants, robot called


Tepco surveyed radiation level of reactor2 again [11 mSv/h]

Following up this article..220 mSv/h in reactor2. Human can’t work On 3/21/2012, Tepco surveyed the radiation level of reactor 2 by a robot. The robot went to the place called


220 mSv/h in reactor2. Human can’t work

    Tepco announced they investigated the inside of reactor2 by using a remote controlling robot called Quince 2 on 2/27/2012. It measured 127~220 mSv/h near the container vessel in