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Aizuwakamatsu city Fukushima, “There is not radioactive material in the air”

On 7/5/2013, Aizuwakamatsu city government in Fukushima announced on their website that there is no radioactive substance in the air. They state over 3,000 of the radiation monitoring posts don’t


Massive radioactive gas covering Fukushima plants

    Massive gas covered Fukushima plants from 2:30 ~ 5:00 AM of 5/2/2012 (JST). It looks like it came from around reactor 3, 4. Tepco explained to Japanese comedian


Radioactive sewage sludge and incinerated ash stocked 100,000 tones in 12 prefectures

At the moment of 2/3/2012, in 12 prefectures, radioactive contaminated sewage sludge and incinerated ash are 97,000 tones, which is 360 % of the amount of last July. Fukushima 30,000


JR is going to prepare special containers only to carry radioactive debris

Japan Railway (JR) is planning to have a special container for radioactive debris. One train will carry 500 tons of debris. They state they won’t carry the debris which is