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Tepco “We deny press’s misinformation when it affects the stock price.”

Note : If you are from the international mass media, Don’t read this site before taking a contact with me.     Tepco makes official announcements to deny “misinformation” by


[Column] Couldn’t have time to get the Donation function back today

I was planning to get the Donation function back today but seems like I can’t do it by today. will be tomorrow.   I have too many things in my


Fukushima documentary A2 had possibly NO media coverage after press conference of Foreign Correspondents’ Club

On 7/10/2013, Fukushima Diary reported “[Strategy shift ?] JP major companies sponsor European film fes to award honest Fukushima documentary “A2″” [URL] From the interview of Fukushima Diary with the

Core removing struggle

Tepco’s emergency email, “Duct of gas monitoring system got a hole in reactor2”

Crippled Fukushima plant is having problems continuously. The similar kind of ducts may have the same problems at other locations too. On 9/9/2012, Tepco sent emergency emails to press. Around


Tepco will quit press conference on Saturdays

Following up this article..Rotten Japanese press -Tepco conference ended within 3 minutes Tepco will quit daily press conference on Saturdays (6/30/2012 ~). They announced that on 6/23/2012. They stated it


Rotten Japanese press -Tepco conference ended within 3 minutes

  Tepco’s daily press conference is becoming a mere shell because of the reluctant Japanese major press. The daily press conference of 6/9/2012 ended within only 2 minutes and 30


[Video] Tepco release Reactor 4

Following up this article..Reactor 4 open for press Tepco released the videos of reactor 4 as well.     Iori Mochizuki

Spent Fuel Pools

Reactor 4 open for press

On 5/26/2012, Tepco invited Japanese press and Hosono ,minister of environment to the inside of reactor 4 building. 100μSv/h at 70m from reactor4 building.       Debris is still scattered

Spent Fuel Pools

Tepco has no clue for the worst senario of SFP4

On 5/25/2012, in the daily press conference of Tepco, WSJ asked Tepco how they are going to settle it down in case of when SFP4 turns over or leaks. Tepco