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Tepco admitted the collapse and subsidence in Fukushima plant area / “but the damage scale not verified”

Following up this article.. Fukushima plant area had collapse and subsidence due to the last Typhoon / No press release [URL] On 10/21/2013, Tepco admitted it was true. Regarding the

Cover-ups Plant hazard

Fukushima worker urgently hospitalized / Tepco “mild symptom of dehydration”

According to Tepco, a Fukushima worker claimed the physical malfunction. He was’s recovered by drip infusion, but the hospital where he was transported diagnosed him with a “mild symptom of


Reactor3 steaming again

Following up this article..Reactor3 has steamed for over 1 week [URL] The “steam” was observed coming up from the top of reactor3 from 7:30AM to 12:05PM of 8/5/2013 again. Tepco


Power demand lower than last year for 5 continuous months, Tepco reported it only in Japanese

The net system energy demand for Tepco has been lower than the same term of 2012 for 5 continuous months. Tepco states it is because the inspection days were shorter