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Settlement report 4/10/2012

Donation : 63.00USD Expense : Groceries 16.00 USD  Blanket 10.00 USD  Lunch (I missed Asian food but that was yuck.) 8.50 USD Left in Hat : 28.50 USD   Thank


Reactor 1 goes over 100℃ within 8 hours without nitrogen injection

The temperature of reactor 1 was increased from 48℃ to 54.4℃ when the nitrogen injection stopped (90 mins) on 4/4/2012, Tepco stated in their press conference of 4/7/2012. On 4/4/2012,


Nitrogen injection stopped again

  Nitrogen injection for reactor 1~3 stopped again, Tepco reported on 4/7/2012. They started the back-up unit one hour later, but still the reason is not verified. Tepco states, it


It was wind to have stopped the nitrogen injection system

  Following up this article..Nitrogen injection stopped and Tepco started backup unit It turned out that the wind stopped nitrogen injection. The strong wind caused by the storm blew out

Core removing struggle

Nitrogen injection stopped and Tepco started backup unit

  Nitrogen injection was stopped for reactor 1, 2, 3, 10:55 4/4/2012, a plant worker reported. At 0:16 4/4/2012, backup unit was started, at 0:30, nitrogen injection was restarted. The


Breaking news : SPF cooling system got stopped at reactor 2,3,6,and 1,3 of daini

SFP cooling system of reactor 2,3,6 and 1 and 3 of Daini were stopped because of the trouble of power exchanging facility in Iwaki Fukushima. Along with the cooling system