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Fukushima local newspaper removed the part “Fight nuclear policy” from reader’s contribution article

A Fukushima local newspaper “modified” a reader’s contribution article on 10/3/2014. The contributor (Housewife, 67 years old) stated to compare the published article and her own draft. The newspaper company


[Column] Where’s the ideal country as quiet as a forest ?

There are always people to say Fukushima Diary is a demagogue, but most of the articles on Fukushima Diary are based on Tepco’s report. If it’s a lie, it’s Tepco’s


[Double-faced Japanese media] Newspaper reports the same thing differently in English and Japanese

On 12/19/2012, Fukushima Diary reported Fukushima gov’t tried to kill proposal to store baby teeth for future radiation checks. [Link] The primary source, Mainichi newspaper however reported this differently in their


[Express] Decommissioning a nuclear reactor makes the area money too

Fukushima Diary reports important tweets under [Express]  almost simultaneously so we won’t miss the moment of an inspiration.     09年に運転が終了した原発と原発で栄えた街を訪ねた。 産経新聞の記事とは違い、廃炉で雇用が生まれており、ショッピングセンターなど新しい施設が誕生していた。 — 田中龍作さん (@tanakaryusaku) 10月 14, 2012 <Translate> (Mr. Tanaka,