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[Latest Photo] Namie-machi back to nature

Japan Wild Bird Association visited Namie-machi in Fukushima and posted the latest photo on Twitter. The area they visited is still under evacuation order. Japanese government is preparing to lift


Radiation level offshore Fukushima river increased to be 95 times much as 1 month before

  According to Tepco, the radiation level of sea ground soil jumped up by 950% from November to December in 2012. The sampling location was 2km offshore of Ukedogawa in


[Possible plutonium]18 μSv/h of alpha ray in Namiemachi, out of mandatory evacuation area

Fukushima Diary reported they measured 316 μSv/h in Akohgi, Namie machi Fukushima. (cf. 316 μSv/h in Namiemachi, out of mandatory evacuation area) In this measurement, they counted 7,000 CPM of

Domestic and global Environment

8,560,000 Bq/m2 in Fukushima, 3 times worse than Chernobyl

It’s been 26 years since Chernobyl happened, but nothing has been improved, the sarcophagus needs a national budget of money to renovate. How much of Chernobyl is Fukushima ? According


250 μSv/h in Namie machi

赤宇木の某所で200マイクロ超。プリは199までしか計測できないので黒テラ置いたら250超えたので退避・・・。 yfrog.com/nxecbhjj — 行方@先細namekata sensai (@sakurai100) May 6, 2012   <Translate> At a point in Akougi Namie machi Fukushima. My Pripyat can measure only up to 199μSv/h so tried with Terra,