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Ecology Malformation

Pale blue light emitting mushroom found in Sendai

Photo : In Sendai (Photographic sensitivity 6400, Exposure time 30 seconds)   Approx. 60 mushrooms were found emitting pale blue light in Taihaku ward of Sendai. These were growing on

Natural disasters

[Raindrop?] Strange light captured in the official live camera when M6.4 Hokkaido, before the power blackout

At 23:17 of 2/2/2013 (JST), M6.4 hit Hokkaido. [URL 1] A strange light was captured in the live camera when the earthquake hit. The live camera is assumed to be


[Live camera] Red light on the north side of Fukushima plant

From around 23:28 to 24:00 of 8/13/2012, red light was captured moving from the west to east on Tepco live camera.   ↓ 1:24 ~ Iori Mochizuki


Blue light observed near reactor 4

Following up this article..Two orange lights in Fukushima live camera Blue light was observed near reactor 4, around 19:45 of 4/13/2012. Just after JNN live camera captured it, it turned


Two orange lights in Fukushima live camera

Since around 19:00 of 4/13/2012, two orange lights have been observed near reactor 4. 4/13の19:00頃から、ふくいちライブカメラ上で2つ明かりのようなものが確認されています。       Iori Mochizuki