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[Column] Happy

The glasses shop staff didn’t speak English at all. None of them even understood the most basic words such as today or tomorrow or better. The other staff was fluent

Column Food contamination

[Column] The worst thing you wouldn’t want to know

Sometimes people ask me what I would do in the Arctic Circle. I always say “Live”. Some of them ask me, what’s that life for ? Maybe they live for


[Jan~May.2012] Decrease of population is 4 times bigger than 2007

[Fukushima Diary is under maintenance.] Decrease of Japanese population (Birth – Death) from January to May in 2012 is 4 times bigger than the same term of 2007. When it’s


Settlement report 4/17/2012

Donation : 30.00 USD Expense : 0.00 USD Left in hat : 30.00 USD Goal of this month : 2,000.00 USD (My previous salary in Japan) Current total : 578.00