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S. Korea returned 20 t of Japanese marine products for Cs-134/137 contamination / Not from Fukushima area

On 8/21/2014, Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries of South Korea announced they retuned 20 t of Japanese marine products from January to July in 2014. The specific reading was not published,

Column Contaminated water crisis

[Column] Is Tepco in charge or JP Gov ? -Gov intentionally making it unclear not to pay compensation

  Japan is going to have to pay astronomical value of compensation for the world.   This is why Japan is making it unclear who is in charge of Fukushima,

Contaminated water crisis Sea contamination

(Chinese media) “May contaminated water affect neighboring countries?” → (Tepco) “We don’t know”

In the press conference of 8/23/2013, Tepco stated that they can’t make a comment about how the contaminated water leakage affect neighboring countries. This was the answer for the question


[New York Times] Former Prime Minister in Japan Elected to Lead Opposition Party

<Quote> [The New York Times] TOKYO — Shinzo Abe, a nationalist former prime minister, was elected to lead Japan’s main opposition party on Wednesday, giving him a chance of regaining

Export from Japan Food contamination Sea contamination

Fukushima shipped hair crab and todarodes for the first time after 311

In the morning of 9/11/2012, Fukushima fishery cooperatives shipped hair crab and todarodes for the first time after 311. They are from the test fishing. (cf. Fukushima will test-fish 7


4,500 Bq/Kg from flatfish

  Fisheries agency measured 4,500 Bq/Kg from flatfish, and 1,920 Bq/Kg from rockfish last december. The data is already removed from their website. Also, on 3/21/2012, Prof. Ishimaru from Tokyo

Sea contamination

Worsened situation of Japanese sea food

  Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Korea announced contaminated Japanese sea food is increasing. From last April to the end of 2011, they measured cesium from 21