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Food contamination

1100 Bq/kg from dried mushroom sold in west coast of Japan

Agricultural products are still harvested in disaster area and shipped to less contaminated zone. According to the food measurement report of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, 1100 Bq/Kg of cesium was


Disaster debris incineration will start at 500m from Maizuru Kyoto

Takahama machi Fukui prefecture is going to accept disaster debris from Ohtsuki machi Iwate prefecture as of October. Ohtsuki machi Iwate is about 230km from Fukushima plant.   The incineration


Cesium measured from Tofu in Aichi, Mid Japan

    Food is produced in contaminated areas and consumed in less contaminated places. Cesium was measured from Tofu. The Tofu was purchased at a supermarket chain, Max Valu in


[Debris incineration] Osaka is going to accept debris from Iwate

  Hashimoto, Osaka city mayor in Osaka decided to accept debris from Iwate. 36,000 tones of wood chips will be accepted by 3.2014. They are concerned about the radiation contained

Food contamination

Cesium measured from rice and milk sold in western Japan

According to the report of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare published on 7/18/2012, contaminated food made in polluted areas is distributed even in western Japan as expected. They detected 3.0 Bq/Kg


119 of 132 people positive from sampling survey of radioactive substances in urine in Iwate

Iwate prefecture conducted sampling survey of radioactive substances in urine in Ichinoseki city and Oshu city. The result published on 3/2/2012 shows cesium was measured from 119 of 132 people (90.1%).


3150 Bq/Kg from incineration ash of disaster debris

  High level of cesium was measured from incineration ash of disaster debris. 高濃度のセシウムが瓦礫の焼却灰から検出されました。 No. 1 blast furnace 1号炉 406 ~ 542 Bq/kg No. 2 blast furnace 2号炉 436 ~

Natural disasters

M5 at offshore Iwate

  Magnitude : 5.0 Epicenter : Iwate offshore Depth : 50km Time : 7:13   1/9/2012 JST No announcement is given about the reactors. Iori Mochizuki


White crow in Iwate

大きな地図で見る 9/27/2011, they found a crow with white feathers in Miyako Iwate. Experts say it’s not an usual albino and don’t know “what caused it”. (Source) 白い羽のカラス 宮古・閉伊川河川敷 2011.9.27 宮古市の閉伊川河口に近い河川敷に白い羽のカラスが現れ、話題になっている。専門家によると、一般的なアルビノ(白化)とは異なる突然変異で原因は不明。市民は「震災のストレスかも」と想像を巡らせる。(岩手日報)