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Borough chairman in 7km zone declared not to go home

On 7/4/2014, one of the borough chairmans in Okuma-machi town made the declaration not to go home. The declaration was submitted to Okuma-machi town government. It’s the district in 7km


Fukushima governor asked the government to ease the 1mSv/y restriction. “Too strict to comply with.”

  On 2/17/2013, Fukushima governor Sato required the government to ease the restriction of 1mSv/y and make a new standard. He commented, they are trying to build the interim storage

Cover-ups Plant hazard

Completion percentage of Minamisoma decontamination is only 1%, “will get it done by the end of 2014”

  According to Minamisoma city, the completion percentage of Minamisoma decontamination is only 1% by the end of 1. 2013. They announce it’s due to the shortage of workers and


Idogawa Ex-Futabamachi mayor “I resigned because I can’t accept 20mSv/y standard. can’t take responsibility for future”

On 1/23/2013, Idogawa, Ex-Futabamachi mayor resigned. In the interview with OurPlanet-TV, he explained that he resigned because he couldn’t accept the 20mSv/y standard of the government. He stated, now Japanese


Futabamachi mayor Idogawa immediately hospitalized

Around 7AM of 1/20/2013, Futabamachi mayor, Idogawa was hospitalized for emergency. He was claiming his head feels heavy and dizzy. He can walk by himself. He stayed at a hotel

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Decontamination produces 1.5 tones of contaminated soil per a household

FNN reported that decontamination produces 1.5 tones of the contaminated soil from a household in a new residential area, Minamimukaidai of Fukushima city. They dig the ground until the atmospheric


[Purge] Town assembly demand Idogawa, Futabamachi mayor to resign for interim storage facility

Mr. Idogawa, Futaba town mayor has been talking about the spreading health problems including his own at the House of Councilors and Geneva. On 5/5/2012, Fukushima Diary reported his testimony