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Domestic and global Environment

Over 1μSv/h at 5 locations beside the major river in Kashiwa Chiba, “All blockaded”

According to Chiba prefectural government, high level of radiation was measured beside the class A river, Ohori gawa. It was in Kashiwa city, where is known to be hot spot.


The highest atmospheric dose is in Tochigi (Apart from Fukushima)

    Compared the highest atmospheric dose in each prefecture (apart from Fukushima), the highest prefectures are (from the highest) 1. Tochigi 2. Miyagi 3. Ibaraki 4. Chiba 5. Saitama


Radiation Idol

  A Japanese man planned to make an idol group called Hot☆Spots but gave up audition from too much criticism. The concept of the group was to cheer up the


12.8 microSv/h from Nikko, a major destination of school trip

They measured higher than 1 microSv/h at 284 of 1070 locations (1cm above from the ground, around street gutter etc..) in Nikko. 158 of 284 locations got decontaminated immediately, but

Domestic and global Environment

23,920 Bq/Kg of cesium from Ichikawa Chiba

They measured 23,920 Bq/Kg of cesium from the soil in Ichikawa Chiba. Ichikawa is one of the major cities in Chiba, which was not known as a hot spot so far.


Radiation is destroying Japanese real estate

Following up this article ..Population of Chiba decreased for the first time since 1920 The land value is decreasing in Hot spots around in Tokyo. According to the research of