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The last disaster shelter in Saitama started charging on disaster victims

The last shelter for the evacuees from Futaba machi Fukushima started charging 1,100 JPY (3 meals) from this September. 155 people are still remaining in the shelter, most of them

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Decontamination produces 1.5 tones of contaminated soil per a household

FNN reported that decontamination produces 1.5 tones of the contaminated soil from a household in a new residential area, Minamimukaidai of Fukushima city. They dig the ground until the atmospheric


It takes over 150 yrs for people to come back to Futaba machi, “Decontamination is useless.”

On 10/16/2012, Assistant Prof. Kimura from Dokkyo medical university had a lecture in the restration committee of Futaba machi. In this lecture, he introduced his personal view over the situation


Futaba town mayor “Fukushima medical university stops us from having exposure test.”

On 4/25, town mayor of Idogawa testified the actual situation in Fukushima at Constitutional Committee of the House of Councillors. “Our town citizens reported they tried to have exposure test