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Fukushima local newspaper removed the part “Fight nuclear policy” from reader’s contribution article

A Fukushima local newspaper “modified” a reader’s contribution article on 10/3/2014. The contributor (Housewife, 67 years old) stated to compare the published article and her own draft. The newspaper company

Effects to be confirmed Misinformation

Fukushima local newspaper “Nosebleed in Fukushima prefecture has nothing to do with radiation”

  One of the major Fukushima newspapers reported that Fukushima citizens cannot have nosebleed due to the radioactive contamination.   It was “Fukushima Minpo”. They referred to Professor. Takamura from


Fukushima local news paper stopped updating condolence column for a week

Fukushima Minpo, a Fukushima local news paper has been stopping updating the condolence column since 6/10/2012. Fukushima Minpo is the biggest local news paper in Fukushima, it used to update