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Breaking news Ecology Malformation

[Photo] Deformed “Shasta daisy” in Nasushiobara City / 0.5 μSv/h at 1m above the ground

On 5/27/2015 and 6/21/2015, a Japanese citizen in Tochigi prefecture posted the pictures of some deformed plants in his neighborhood on Twitter. The area is  Nasushiobara City. The plant is assumed

Breaking news Ecology Malformation

Japanese wisteria bloomed 3 months later than the right season in Iwaki city – Photos

On 8/15/2014, an Iwaki city citizen posted on Google + that Japanese wisteria [Wikipedia] was found blooming. It usually blooms in May and the specific Japanese wisteria used to bloom


[Silent Spring?] 80% of the azaleas in a flower park of Gunma didn’t have buds to bloom

According to Tatebayashi city in Gunma, 80% of the azaleas didn’t bloom in a flower park. The park is known as a “Azalea flower park”. Usually 10,000 azalea trees bloom


Proliferated sunflower in Yamagata

  Flower in a flower. Mr. Kitamura (71) found proliferated sunflower in his farm early in this month. It is in Asahi machi Yamagata. The sunflower is one of the