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Effects to be confirmed

Female idol “Had shiver, went to a hospital to be ordered to be hospitalized for risk of rupture of internal organ”

A female idol, Nagase Risa commented on Twitter that she was ordered to be hospitalized as a result of seeing a doctor for sudden fever and ache in viscera.  


[Express] Oshidori “had fever of over 38℃ for 4 times this year already”

Independent journalist / comedian Oshidori is having health problems. Fukushima Diary wrote the column about them on 2/24/2013. [URL]   <Translate> Me and my husband had fever yesterday suddenly. He


[Express] “Been having an acute headache and slight fever for 2 weeks for unknown reason”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous update.   原因不明の体調不良が2週間続いている。血圧は正常で血液検査の結果も全てが正常。咳も無ければ喉の痛みも無い。なのにパソコンのモニタ他…を見ると目が痛くなり、激しい片頭痛。前に曲がると後頭部の下方に激痛。熱は37度位の微熱で、時々めまいと悪寒。今日は痛み止めだけの処方で、不安は続く。 — yosinoya君さん (@nagaokaanalyst) 12月 3, 2012 <Translate> I have been sick for 2 weeks for unknown reason. Blood pressure is

Effects to be confirmed

[Express] “My child has been having fever, nosebleed, diarrhea, and fatigue, what should I feed..”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.   @mariscontact @maatann0919 @gentleman0811 こんにちは。やはり微熱と鼻血は関係がありますか。我が子は、この2か月微熱と鼻血の繰り返しです。 — tea rose*さん (@ricoricoricosan) 10月 23, 2012 <Translate> ・・・ My child has been having repetitive slight fever