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Idogawa Ex-Futabamachi mayor “I resigned because I can’t accept 20mSv/y standard. can’t take responsibility for future”

On 1/23/2013, Idogawa, Ex-Futabamachi mayor resigned. In the interview with OurPlanet-TV, he explained that he resigned because he couldn’t accept the 20mSv/y standard of the government. He stated, now Japanese


MAFF permits rice planting in evacuation zone

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries permitted rice planting in 96 households (73 ha) of evacuation zone in Tamura city Fukushima, where the annual dose is under 20mSv/y. They also


Japanese government lifted evacuation-supported zone from Da-te city and Kawauchi mura Fukushima

On 12/14/2012, Disaster headquarter of Japanese government lifted evacuation-supported zone from 128 households of Da-te city and 1 household of Kawauchi mura. Evacuation-supported zone is where you have hotspots and


Fukushima prefecture plans to finish all the forest decontamination by 2020, “grow biomass fuel crops”

On 11/22/2012, Fukushima prefecture announced they are going to finish decontaminating all the forests by 2020. It excludes planned evacuation area and hazard area, where only 1% had been decontaminated


Two kindergartens in Fukushima held a sports meeting outside

On 9/29/2012, two kindergartens in Iidate village held a sports meeting in their provisional facility in Fukushima city. The kindergartens are Kusano and Iitoi kindergarten. Last year they held a


Dog survived with the dried meat sticking around the bone of dead cattle, 12km area

Unchained people are giving up living, but animals are fighting to survive in Fukushima. Chained and abandoned animals are yet struggling to live. They don’t think about the meaning of


316 μSv/h in Namiemachi, out of mandatory evacuation area

The radiation level is still extremely high, even outside the mandatory evacuation area. Akohgi, Namie-machi (about 26 km from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant), is outside the planned evacuation area,


10% of aphid in Fukushima are deformed “Normally it’s less than 1%.”

Hokkaido newspaper reported (cf. Hokkaido newspaper “Millions of people around in Tokyo area are living in radiation controlled area” )Prof. Akimoto from Hokkaido university Research faculty of Agriculture found about 10%


20,000 Bq/Kg from earthworm

    Mr.Hasegawa Motohiro from Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute measured 20,000 Bq/kg of cesium from earthworm. The sample was taken in Kawauchi mura Fukushima, from late August to