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Breaking news Cover-ups Fukushima Plant

15 Billion Bq of Tritium flows to the Pacific every single day / Tepco under-reported 1/15 at press conference

Following up this article.. 5 Billion Bq of Strontium-90 flows to the sea every single day [URL]   15 Billion Bq of Tritium flows from Fukushima plant area to the sea


[The Japan Times] German physician, “WHO downplayed health effects of nuclear crisis on Fukushima residents”

<Quote> [The Japan Times, Jiji] BERLIN — A German doctor and member of a Nobel Peace Prize-winning physicians’ group has criticized a World Health Organization report on the Fukushima nuclear


Tepco ordered employees to downplay Fukushima accident

Following up this article..Possible recriticality in reactor2 Weekly Asahi reported another comment of the Tepco engineer from the engineering devision. “One month after 311, when he was talking to his