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[Column] To make it transparent -Financial report of Fukushima Diary

Maybe there’s something in Fukushima. That’s why Tepco doesn’t want to ask for the international help more widely. but it’s hard to see what it is inside. We need to


[Column] Publishing all the articles for free is my philosophy

About the severe deficit of Fukushima Diary corporation, I seem able to clear it in the next term. Some of the readers thankfully supported the company. Paypal commission was annoying


[Column] Wishing to go back to America this winter with my background grown a little bit

I left home at 14:00 and came back with the contract at 16:00. The contract is for the permanent office of Fukushima Diary corporation. I have never thought that I


[Notice] The victimized Japanese made the media corporation to take revenge against media blackout

In the first few days after 311, I lost a lot of my old friends just because I said the government was lying. They thought (wanted to think) I was


IP location of Reconstruction Agency is Toshiba corporation

On 9/28/2012, Reconstruction Agency reported “Religious faith in zero Bq is causing harmful rumor”. [Link] Their IP location is Toshiba corporation. [Link]   Toshiba is one of the deliverers of


Itochu corporation sent 110 new employees to Fukushima for training

  Itochu corporation, a Japanese general merchants and traders sent 110 of new employees to Fukushima for its training though it has nothing to do with the skill related to


HSBC is evacuating Japan

Following up this article..4 major Japanese corporations are evacuating to Osaka The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation is going to withdraw from Japan. On 2/22/2012, they announced they will close


4 major Japanese corporations are evacuating to Osaka

  On the regular press conference of Tokyo mayor on 2/24/2012, it turned out that 4 major Japanese corporations are moving the head offices from Tokyo to Osaka. The companies