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6 celebrities reported to be hospitalized or dead within a week

Six famous celebrities have been reported to be sick or dead within a week. 1. Comedian Tanaka from “Bakusho mondai”. Age : 47 Symptom : Infectious mononucleosis, impairment of liver function, acute

Effects to be confirmed

Japanese actor Takeda Tetsuya “couldn’t stop nosebleed, face became bloody”

Japanese actor Takeda Tetsuya talked about his nosebleed on his radio show of 7/24/2012. He said when he went to a golf driving range, he found himself having nosebleed from

Effects to be confirmed

A Japanese actor Chii Takeo died of heart failure

Following up this article..“Can’t see anything.” The actor, Mr. Chii Takeo died of heart failure at 7:00 of 6/29/2012. He was 70 years old. He has been canceling to show


“Can’t see anything.”

A Japanese actor, Chii Takeo (69) was hospitalized. Now he’s having a complete checkup. He hasn’t had any major disease but he suddenly claimed “I can’t see anything.” They say