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News: NHK manipulates again

They found a hot spot in Setagaya ku Tokyo. (1.5m high from the ground, 2m wide.) It is on the pavement, and between a kindergarten and a nursery school. According


News: Nothing’s improved

Mr.Plutonium, Hirotada Ohashi has become a committee of “Nuclear safety board” for Hokuriku power company. He’s famous for his “very unique” theory that you can drink plutonium. According to his


News : How late are we?

Unusual form of plants are being found every where in Japan. Today,a Japanese traditional root vegetable “Myoga” was found ,which was four times bigger than usual size. The farmer said


Column of the Day: What’s happening in Fukushima?

9/20,Japanese government declared Fukushima nuclear plants can be settled (kept under 100C) (“cold shutdown”) by the end of this year. Link However,Koide from Kyoto university warns it is too unrealistic.


News: September 3, 2011

Just after 311,private institutions were stopped to publish their radiation forecast by ministry of science. [Tweet of an actual Fukushima worker]
 今日 同僚がWBC受けたんだけど
今日になって個人情報保護の為に本人にすらカウントを教えなくな ったらしい
少なくとも自分のカウント位知る権利はあるとおもうんだがなあ. They started conceal the Whole


Column of the Day: New conflict

Anti-nuc side is getting the victory all over the world except for America. Even in Japan,even by the most moderate news paper took a survey,which proves at least 65% of


[Our generation won’t see the end of Fukushima]

Mr.Koide has been pointing out crucial risks and they all have turned out to be true. Mr.Koide states,Fukushima nuc plants are too damaged.It will take almost forever time to get


News: August 19, 2011

[Anticipation of fall] Around in Tokyo,radiation level is spiking up because of the storm and the wind from North. The rain of 8/19/2011 is likely to contain fallout. [Death


News: August 11, 2011

[MASSIVE INTERNAL EXPOSURE] A citizen from Minamisoma shi The result of WBC. Cs-137 129,746 Bq + Cs-134 122,676 Bq = 252,422 Bq/kg [Endless concealment] NSC deleted all the data


News: August 8, 2011 How do they catch the contaminated water coming out from the bottom ?? [Don’t waste your life] Real time radiation map of each US city.