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One of Ex JP PMs Kan filed a suit against current JP PM Abe for defamation of character

On 7/16/2013, one of the Ex Japanese Prime Ministers Kan wrote on his blog that he filed a suit against the current Japanese Prime Minister Abe for defamation of character. Kan was Japanese Prime Minister in 311. In the mail magazine of 5/20/2011, Abe wrote it was disinformation that Kan ordered to inject seawater to [...]

350 victims to sue Tepco and Japanese government for Fukushima effect

On 3/11/2013, 350 residents in Fukushima, Miyagi and Ibaraki prefectures are going to sue Tepco and Japanese government at Fukushima district court. They are to demand compensation of 50,000 JPY/month・person for restoration of radiation level, fear for the potential health problems and harmful rumor. Defense counsel states this is the first civil suit to demand [...]

[Column] If I were the sailor, I cannot miss these 3 points

8 US navy sailors sued Tepco. This is historical because it’s the first case of Tepco sued outside of Japan to be followed by possible numerous other cases. This could be a huge chance for Japanese victimes too but there are also some points to be careful about. 1. Focus on the negligence of Tepco [...]

Tepco is sued for Act for the Punishment of Environmental Pollution Crimes

  A citizen’s association “Protect sanriku sea from nuclear contamination” from Miyagi, Iwate and Aomori sued Katsumata, the chairman of Tepco, Tepco and 2 other people for Act for the Punishment of Environmental Pollution Crimes relating to Human Health. The reason is “Knowing the risk of Tsunami before 311, Tepco did not take any prevention [...]

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