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Cobalt 58 was detected in Gunma, half-life is 71days, “Possibile recriticality around after April”

  Cobalt 58 was detected from the black substance in Gunma. (cf. Black substance found at Harajuku station in Tokyo, “21,346 Bq/Kg”) Co-58 is produced from neutron ray, the half-life


Black substance found at Harajuku station in Tokyo, “21,346 Bq/Kg”

The extremely highly radioactive material “black substance” was found in another most populated area in Tokyo. (cf. 240,000 Bq/Kg at 5km from Imperial Palace) In the news TV show “Insideout”


Another mass death of goby was found in Shizuoka, close to Mt. Fuji.

  150 goby was found dead in Shizuoka city. Around 11:00 of 8/30/2012, citizens living nearby reported about 150 goby were dead in Ohhashi river . It is in Shimizu


Tepco struggling to control the coolant system, “Adjusted the valves 7 times for 2 days”

  On 8/30/2012, the injection water for reactor 1~3 decreased all of a sudden. (cf. Sudden decrease of injecting water for reactor1~3, cause not known) Tepco announced they fixed it