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Decontamination contractor got the car hit and kidnapped by possible Yakuza members, “Money problems”

Around 17:30 of 5/9/2013, decontamination contractor was kidnapped in Fukushima city. On Route 115, the decontamination contractor had his car run into from behind several times. After he stopped his


Yakuza dispatched decontamination workers to Fukushima

An executive manager of a Yakuza group in Yamagata city was arrested for dispatching 3 ~ 10 decontamination workers to a construction company. The construction company sent them to Fukushima


Drug abuse of Fukushima workers

  Mr. Suzuki, a Japanese yakuza journalist reported Fukushima workers have been arrested for drug abuse. He worked at Fukushima plants from July to August to report the connection between


Death threat for the lecture of internal exposure

Citizens of Yokohama city have been inviting Mr. Sugenoya, the city mayor of Matsumoto shi for his lecture about internal exposure. It was planned for 1/26/2012, titled “Discussion about how

Cover-ups Effects to be confirmed Plant hazard

Tepco and JP gov rejected having nuc workers have hematopoietic cell transplantation

Though Dr.Taniguchi of Toranomon Hospital, one of the major hospitals in Tokyo, offered preserve of hematopoietic cell of nuclear workers so they can have it transplanted when they have acute