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Confirmed effects Cover-ups Plant hazard

[Column] Question about the credibility of WHO data

  Last week, Tepco revised their own medical report. The report is about the exposure dose of Fukushima workers. It was already submitted to WHO one year ago. In the

Confirmed effects Support by eating

Special Rapporteur of Human Rights Council UN “Urine and blood test for internal exposure should be conducted”

On 5/24/2013, advance unedited version of the Special Rapporteur from Human Rights Council UN was released. The Special Rapporteur, Anand Grover visited Japan from 11/15 to 11/26/2012. In this report,


[Column] Desert island

Last week I left US and now I’m in an Eastern European country. I could tell the country name but soon I’ll need to conceal my location, this is a


[UN] Tourist income grew by 48% in Japan

According to the report of UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization) published on 11/5/2012, the tourist income of Japan grew by 48% from Jan to Aug of 2012. Sweden, South


Japan rejected signing to ban nuclear weapon in UN

In the United Nations General Assembly (Disarmament) in NY, 16 nations including Switzerland and Norway made the statement to ban nuclear weapons for humanity, but Japan rejected signing on the