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Plant hazard

Radiation level spiked in reactor3. Tepco “The gauge is broken”

  One of 4 monitoring gauges in suppression chamber indicated spiking up radiation level in reactor3, which was 47.01 Sv/h at 17:00 6/21/2012. Other gauges didn’t show any change in

Contaminated water crisis Core removing struggle Plant hazard

Possible recriticality in reactor2

  Weekly Asahi reported they obtained the email leaked from Tepco. It was sent from a staff of engineering devision to his coworker and a nuclear expert. It warned the

Core removing struggle

Water level is only 40cm from the bottom in reactor1

  Related to this article..Water level was only 60cm from the bottom in reactor2 It was 60cm in reactor2, but it is worse in reactor1. Japan nuclear energy safety organization