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Core removing struggle Plant hazard

Intermittent increase of Krypton-85 to suggest on-going nuclear fission in reactor1

Intermittent increase of Krypton-85 was observed in reactor1. Tepco suddenly reported they examined the density of krypton-85 and hydrogen gas. This was the first time for them to announce Krypton-85

Core removing struggle

[Reactor1] Dosemeter indicated 10.3Sv/h and spiked to 1,000,000 Sv/h to be out of order

Following up this article..You can’t work longer than 30 mins in reactor1 because of too much radiation The detailed data of the endoscope operation [LINK] was published. The dose meter

Core removing struggle

Endoscope operation at reactor1 “Suppression chamber is broken, flooded water is hotter than PCV”

Related to this article..Tepco is planning the first endoscope operation to reactor1 On 6/26/2012, Tepco conducted endoscope operation in torus room of reactor1. Endoscope was inserted from the through-hole (5cm

Plant hazard

Radiation level spiked in reactor3. Tepco “The gauge is broken”

  One of 4 monitoring gauges in suppression chamber indicated spiking up radiation level in reactor3, which was 47.01 Sv/h at 17:00 6/21/2012. Other gauges didn’t show any change in

Contaminated water crisis Core removing struggle Plant hazard

Possible recriticality in reactor2

  Weekly Asahi reported they obtained the email leaked from Tepco. It was sent from a staff of engineering devision to his coworker and a nuclear expert. It warned the

Contaminated water crisis Malformation

Settlement report 4/18/2012

Donation : 125.00USD Expense : 0.00USD Left in hat : 125.00USD Goal of this month : 2,000.00 USD (My previous salary in Japan) Current total : 703.00 USD To go

Core removing struggle Cover-ups Plant hazard

Fukushima worker assumes melted fuel has gone into suppression chamber

Following up this article..Water level was only 60cm from the bottom in reactor2 The water level turned out to be only 60cm. Where is the fuel ? Is it in