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Translation of Noda’s speech on 3/11/2012 (Noise reduction)

  [Seasonal greetings are cut off.] Japan is the islands of natural disaster. Learning from the Great East Japan Earthquake, we shall step up contingency planning as soon as possible.


Japanese idol on “Support by eating” positive from WBC

Following up this article..Japan Food campaign is operated by Dentsu.inc Yamaguchi Tatsuya, a Japanese idol had a brief whole body counter check and had 20.47 Bq/Kg of cesium 137 measured.


“Support by eating” campaign caused children internal exposure

Following up this article..13 of 21 children had urine test positive The citizen’s group “Association to think about aging Fukushima plants”held a press conference on 3/7/2012, announced the lowest reading

Effects to be confirmed

Acute lymphatic leukemia news caster Otsuka resigned

Following up this article..Acute lymphatic leukemia news caster Otsuka may die in 5 years for 70% The news caster who had Fukushima vegetables had acute lymphatic leukemia to support Fukushima


Japan Food campaign is operated by Dentsu.inc

Japanese government is trying to make Japanese people consume food produced in Fukushima. It’s called, 食べて応援, “Support by eating” and they invest lots of money into CM or performance.