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Food contamination Sea contamination

Strontium-90 detected at 2 locations in 3km offshore Fukushima nuclear plant

According to Tepco, Strontium-90 was detected at 2 locations in the Pacific. 17 Bq/m3 at 3km offshore of Ukedo river. 35 Bq/m3 at 3km offshore of Fukushima daini nuclear plant.

Sea contamination

Sr-90 detected 6 times much as safety limit from seawater of water intake

According to Tepco, 170,000 Bq/m3 of Sr-90 was measured from seawater. Density Limit Specified by the Reactor Regulation is 30,000 Bq/m3. The measurement reading is 5.7 times much as the


Sr-90 in Fukushima nuclear plant significantly increasing, Max as 127 times much within 8 months in 2012

On 5/21/2013, Fukushima Diary reported “Plutonium in Fukushima nuclear plant significantly increasing ,Max as 632% within 8 months of 2012 [URL]” According to Tepco, Strontium-90 (half-life, 29.1 y) is also


[11months concealment] Sr-90 measured from children’s food in Fukushima, Fukushima gov “not dangerous level”

  On 5/9/2013, Fukushima prefectural government announced the radiation data of daily food in Fukushima. As a result, Sr-90 was measured from 3 of 78 samples. The details are below,

Contaminated water crisis

1,400,000 Bq/m3 of β nuclide detected from reactor1 sub-drain water

According to Tepco, high level of β nuclide is measured from the water of sub-drains. The sub-drain water is assumed to flow into the basement floors of the reactors. The

Domestic and global Environment Sea contamination

Tepco admitted Pu-238/239/240, Sr-90 in sea soil are from Fukushima accident

According to Tepco, significantly high level of radioactive material was measured from the sea soil. The sample is dry soil taken offshore reactor1 water intake canal (0~10cm depth). The sampling

Cover-ups Domestic and global Environment

[Concealment] J gov excluded Fukushima and Miyagi for tapwater test of Sr-90 in 2011

On 3/28/2013, Fukushima prefectural government announced they measured 0.0028 Bq/L of Strontium-90 from raw water. 0.0014 Bq/L was also measured from tapwater in Fukushima. The samples were taken at 3

Sea contamination

Radioactive silver and Sr-90 measured from marine products of Fukushima, silver higher than cesium in 62% of samples

On 11/30/2012, Tepco released the radioactive nuclide analysis of marine products. From the report, Ag-110m (radioactive silver) and Sr-90 were measured from crabs, common skete, and barfin flounder. Especially the half


MEXT admitted Strontium90 was measured in Tokyo and 9 other prefectures

    Japanese government has started to admit the actual contamination situation because of Fukushima little by little. On 7/24/2012, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology published the