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142 wild birds found dead in Saitama / Test result of chemical material and avian flu were negative

According to Kazo city Saitama, 142 wild birds were found dead within a few hundreds of meters radius area before the noon of 7/13/2013. 46 were starlings, 29 were sparrows,


[Albino] White sparrow found in Saitama, “seen once in a few years, but never been this entirely white”

On 11/1/2012, white sparrow was found in Saitama nature study center of Kitamoto city Saitama. It’s albino mutation. The center comments white sparrow has been observed once in a few


White sparrow found in Gunma

  White sparrow was found in Maebashi city Gunma. Mr. Hukai from Japan wild bird society Gunma branch comments, they sometimes see the ones with white parts but it’s almost


White feathered sparrow in Chiba

Following up this article..Silence coming to Fukushima The sparrow with white feathered head and tail was found in Chiba. It’s living in the entrance of Narita seiryo high school Narita