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[Xinhuanet] China, U.S. enhance military relations

<Quote> [Xinhuanet]   BEIJING, Sept. 18 (Xinhua) — Senior military leaders on Tuesday called for more efforts to promote military ties between China and the United States. “The two sides


[NTD] China’s Navy Flexing its Muscle in East China Sea

<Quote> [NTD] China’s People’s Liberation Army has been conducting live ammunition drills in the East China Sea during the last week. The fleet’s main forces, including dozens of warships, fighter


[Shanghaiist.com] New Japan ambassador Shinichi Nishimiya dies before making it to China

<Quote> [Shanghaiist.com] Shinichi Nishimiya, the newly appointed Japan ambassador to China who collapsed two days after being appointed to the job, has died aged 60 at the Tokyo Hospital. Nishimiya


[AlJazeera] Asia’s islands of dispute

Are territorial disputes over islands in the South China Sea a manifestation of a bigger change in the region? David Foster speaks to guests: Richard Hu, Mark Seldon & Tomohiko


[Japan Today] Asian territory disputes could trigger war

Following up this article..[LesEchos.fr] China-Japan dispute: Washington is worried about the risk of war <Quote> [Japan Today] TOKYO — China and other Asian countries could end up at war over


[LesEchos.fr] China-Japan dispute: Washington is worried about the risk of war

<Quote> [LesEchos.fr] For the second straight day, hundreds of Chinese protesters marched in several cities in the frame of the Diaoyu-Sankaku Islands dispute. Sites of Toyota and Panasonic were attacked.