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Fukushima plant to produce over 560,000 m3 of radioactive debris by 2027 / No storage facility for 30% of them

    Following up this article.. [Photo] Tepco finally started removing the Tsunami debris in plant area, trucks, pipes, etc.. [URL]   Fukushima plant is estimated to produce 560,000 m3


Spreading contamination in west coast- radioactive food is distributing, contaminated sludge is recycled to be cement

Niigata prefecture is one of the largest rice producing districts located in the west coast of Japan, but they are aggressively taking radioactive material for some reason. Fukushima Diary has


Saitama prefecture is going to start recycling disaster debris to cement

  More houses will be built from radioactive concrete. 3 local governments in Saitama are going to accept disaster debris to recycle into cement. In one of the cities, the


Cement company in Okinawa will recycle radioactive debris

  Following up this article..Translation of Noda’s speech on 3/11/2012 (Noise reduction) Ryukyu Cement Co., Ltd. in Okinawa will accept radioactive debris for the material of cement, on the condition