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JP Gov to build “vegetable factory” in restricted residence area of 9km from crippled Fukushima plant

According to Okuma town in Fukushima, they are going to collaborate with private companies to build “vegetable factory”. The entire town residents are still evacuating out of the town. The


Borough chairman in 7km zone declared not to go home

On 7/4/2014, one of the borough chairmans in Okuma-machi town made the declaration not to go home. The declaration was submitted to Okuma-machi town government. It’s the district in 7km


[Concealment ?] Fukushima prefecture deleted the emergency radiation monitoring data of when reactor1 exploded

  Fukushima prefecture deleted the emergency monitoring data at 5km from Fukushima plant. The portable monitor recorded the radiation level from 5AM to afternoon of 3/12/2011, when reactor1 exploded. Fukushima

Food contamination

Rice-planting in protective clothing

  In Okuma machi Fukushima, where is 6km South-West to Fukushima plant, local government staff planted rice and vegetables in protective clothing on 6/12/2012. The entire area of this town


3070 Bq/m2 of strontium 90 was measured in Fukushima

  3070 Bq/m2 of strontium 90 was measured in Okuma machi from the monitoring test of Fukushima prefecture. They monitored the soil contamination of strontium from July to October. They


1.4 million Bq/kg from the nest of swallow

  Ministry of the Environment announced that they measured 1,400,000 Bq/Kg of cesium from the nest of swallow in Okuma machi, which is 3km away from Fukushima nuclear plants. It