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3/12 NHK “(Whisper) Don’t read this draft about exposed fuel rods.”

3/12/2011, On NHK mid noon news, director stopped an announcer reading the news about exposed fuel rod assemblies. An NHK reporter Nomura Masaiku announced, “At 11:40 on 3/12/2011, fuel rod


NHK reported the risk of internal exposure in June 2009

↑ The black lines are the radiation.   NHK broadcast a TV program about internal exposure risk of the victims by Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs though they keep reporting

Core removing struggle

Tepco is planning to check inside of the reactor2 by endoscope on 1/19

1/17/2012, NHK reported Tepco is planning to check inside of reactor2 by using endoscope on 1/19/2012. It is to see the water level and check the temperature inside of the


NHK reported Fukushima plants were safe before Tepco confirmed after an earthquake

  NHK reported there is no problem at Fukushima plants on TV before even Tepco confirmed it. At 12:20:48 1/12/2012, a M5.8 hit Fukushima, it was scale 4. About 5


NHK manipulates the report of JP PM Noda’s press conference

    The video is perfectly organized. 12/16/2011 ,JP PM Noda declared cold shutdown for some reason. At the press conference ,they arranged set-up questions of corrupted reporters and NHK