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Tohoku university, “Radiocesium is more concentrated in the fetus than in the mother of Fukushima cattle”

On 1/23/2013, researching group of the experts published the report about the internal exposure of cattle abandoned in evacuation zone. The result shows radionuclides are more concentrated in children than


3300 Bq from a pregnant woman in Iwaki city Fukushima

3300 Bq of radioactive material was measured from a pregnant woman in Iwaki city. Fukushima minpo, the original source of this information didn’t address the nuclide, but it’s probably cesium134/137.


Fukushima city rents dosimeter to pregnant women (for 1 week)

Having found numbers of hot spot, Fukushima city is going to rent dosimeter to pregnant women to reassure. It’s starting on 6/1/2012, the lending-period is one week . They distributed