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[Mainichi] Saitama city builds temporary storage for radiation-contaminated soil

<Quote> [Mainichi] MISATO, Saitama — The municipal government here began building a temporary storage site in August for soil contaminated by radioactive materials released in the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear


Group of mutated sunflowers found in Misato city Saitama

Mutated sunflowers were found growing as a group in Misato city Saitama. It’s 205km from Fukushima plant. The radiation level was 0.40 μSv/h at 30cm from the ground, 0.24 μSv/h


8 of 17 children have atypical lymphocyte

Private institute of radiation risk researcher announced 8 of 17 children have atypical lymphocyte on 3/4/2012. The institute is run by 3 doctors and advised by Dr. Hida, who researched