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I-131 is still measured from dried sewage sludge in Chiba

Iodine 131 was measured from dried sewage sludge by Chiba prefectural government again. Iodine 131 is the nuclide to cause thyroid cancer or thyroid related disease. You are to take

Confirmed effects Cover-ups

Fukushima prefecture requested Hirosaki university to stop internal exposure test

      Fukushima prefectural government requested Hirosaki University to stop internal exposure test “because it causes fear of Fukushima people”. Researching team of Hirosaki university conducted radiation test for

Confirmed effects

Fukushima citizen 90 mSv of thyroid exposure

  4/11~16/2011, Mr. Tokonami from Hirosaki university checked Iodine 131 level of the thyroid for 65 of Fukushima citizens. 48 of them evacuated from Hamadori to Fukushima city, 17 of


Iodine131 measured from tap water in Minamisoma

Citizen’s volunteer group HCR reported Iodine 131 was measured from tap water in Minamisoma. To protect privacy, the name is covered who asked for the analysis. Sample : Water (0.85kg)


Breaking News: Increasing leakage of Iodine 131

Following up this article about a possible recriticality at Fukushima Daiichi… In the article, I posted that Iodine 131 was measured at 3 garbage disposal facilities but in December, Iodine


Constant leakage of Iodine 131

大きな地図で見る 12/22/2011, Gunma local government announced they measured 17 Bq/kg of Iodine 131 from the sewage sludge of a water purifying plant. They also measured 44 ~ 68 Bq/kg of