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[Ajisai] Footage of 7.29 protest

Following up this article..[Ajisai] Protestors broke through police barricade The best video footage of 7.29 protest was uploaded. I really represents the atmosphere of the event.   Iori Mochizuki


[Ajisai] Protestors broke through police barricade

Protestors broke through the barricade of police. They walked into the roadway to say “we don’t need police.” Now National diet is completely surrounded.   [8/2/2012 Continued to this article..[Ajisai]


[Ajisai] National diet was surrounded by protestors

Uncountable number of the protestors are surrounding national diet right now. Police is blockading the streets but flood of people is occupying the blocks. So far, no one’s arrested or


[Ajisai] Protest started for national diet

Protestors started demonstrating on the street to national diet. Iori Mochizuki


[Ajisai] Protestors are going to surround National Diet

At 15:30 of 7/29, protesters gathered in Hibiya park in Tokyo. They are going to surround National diet from now. Iori Mochizuki