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JP Gov taxes compensation for nuclear damage

The national tax agency turned out to tax compensation money for nuclear disaster. If it’s for the loss of the profit by evacuation, harmful rumor or restriction of selling contaminated


Headquarters for emergency disaster control evacuated to 60km area before citizens

  Headquarters for emergency disaster control in Fukushima evacuated to 60 km leaving the citizens behind in 20km area on 3/15/2011. LDP Upper House member, Mori Masako, who is from


Japanese government is going to build a remote Japan in India

Japanese government is going to build a remote Japanese city in Chennai of India by cooperating with private sector. It can accommodate 50,000 people with factory complex, shopping mall, and

Domestic and global Environment Plant hazard

Japanese government will stop measuring Iodine from tapwater

Following up this article .. Increasing leakage of Iodine 131 Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology will quit measuring Iodine131 from tapwater after 4/1/2012. They have been measuring cesium


There is no option of “fast shutdown” for the national votes of nuclear power

Citizens’ group have been trying to realize national votes for nuclear power in Osaka and in Tokyo. By 1/9/2012, they have collected more than 50,000 signatures, which is enough to