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Contaminated water crisis

[Photo] “Frozen water wall” can’t be frozen even though 40 days have passed since test started

  In order to shut out the contaminated water, Tepco is placing “frozen water wall” as the last hope. However, this is the technology to freeze interstitial water of the

Contaminated water crisis

ALPS and frozen ground wall are the last hope for contaminated water problem

On 9/27/2013, Tepco held the contaminated water task force committee in Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.   From the report of Tepco, Tepco is placing the multiple nuclide removing

Contaminated water crisis

JP Gov to spend national expense on frozen soil wall construction for Fukushima nuclear plant

Following up this article..Tepco to consider freezing ground for 1400m to stop ground water flowing into the plant [URL]   Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is going to add