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Contaminated water crisis Cover-ups

Tepco masked the radiation data of around 300m3 leaked tank one day before IOC selected Tokyo for 2020 Olympic

According to Tepco, they started cleaning the drain around the leaked tank area that experienced 300m3 leakage since 9/7/2013, when is one day before IOC selected Tokyo as host of

Column Cover-ups

[Column] Summary of Fukushima situation ~4 basic tricks of Tepco to conceal the facts

The former Fukushima chief Yoshida died. They report it was esophageal cancer, and “not to mention”, it has nothing to do with radiation. They deny radiation effect even on his

Column Cover-ups

[Column] Fukushima Diary will take the initiative of international media coverage about Fukushima

Now that media coverage about Fukushima is rapidly shrinking, Fukushima Diary’s reporting is becoming more and more important. Fukushima Diary has been trying to be the fastest Fukushima news site


Tepco stopped releasing plant parameters in English

Tepco releases plant parameters data twice a day. It is one of the most important source to know the latest state of the nuclear plants. However, Tepco quit releasing the