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Spent Fuel Pools

2 columns were installed to the steel framing for fuel removal of reactor4

Steel framing construction for fuel removal at reactor 4 has been started today (January 8, 2013). Two columns (out of six) of the first layer have been installed. Related article..Tepco

Spent Fuel Pools

Prof. Takeda “Construction of reactor4 damaged the coolant system -reaches 100℃ on 7/5/2012”

Following up this article..[Reactor4] Back-up coolant system failed. Backup power is lost. 47 hours left.   Prof. Takeda [Link] estimates the coolant water of SFP4 will reache 100℃ in the

Spent Fuel Pools

[LIVE] Tepco is removing the upper part of reactor4

Reactor4 is going through the difficult part of construction. They are removing the upper part of the reactor building seemingly. There has been no notice in advance. I recommend people

Contaminated water crisis

Fukushima worker “Tepco is having difficulty to increase tanks because of poor ground”

Related to this article..Possible uneven settlement of reactor 4 Tepco postponed the construction to increase tanks for the contaminated water. They were planning to start the construction in July but