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Environmental contamination

Radioactive silver emitted as air from the upper part of reactor2

According to Tepco, radioactive silver (Ag-110m) was detected from the Exhaust System of the reactor2 building. The amount was 0.91 Bq/m3. The half-life is 250 days. The sampling date was

Environmental contamination

Tepco took 2 years to close the blow-out panel of reactor2

At 9:22 AM of 3/11/2013, Tepco finally closed the blow-out panel of reactor2. It’s been 2 years since explosion.               http://www.tepco.co.jp/en/nu/fukushima-np/handouts/2013/images/handouts_130306_01-e.pdf http://www.tepco.co.jp/en/nu/fukushima-np/handouts/2013/images/handouts_130311_01-e.pdf    

Environmental contamination

Tepco planned blasting reactor3 by firearms before its explosion

  Following up this article..Tepco released video of emergency TV meeting “99.3% cut off, 1665 beep sounds, 29 image concealment” There have been comments posted on Fukushima Diary that Tepco