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[No connection with Fukushima] “Cats had their faces distorted, lost fur and found dead (30km area)”

A Japanese blog reported cats are dying in 30km area of Fukushima. It seems like this blog is written by a TV director but no details are clear. However, from


[Express] Yamamoto Taro “People can’t come back to the 30km area of Chernobyl for 24,000 years.”

Introducing important tweets [Express] for simultaneous updates.   チェルノに行った時、30km圏内に人が戻れるのは?と非常事態省の役人に聞いたら2万4千年後、と言われました RT @asamizzzxoxo: 最後に質問ですが、太郎さんは、汚染され、いまや誰も住めなくなっている土地も、いつか元通りに生活を営むことができる場所になるとお考えですか — 山本太郎俳優 脱原発に60兆票!さん (@yamamototaro0) 11月 1, 2012 <Translate> When I went to Chernobyl, I asked the public officer of


Japanese emperor and empress to visit 30km area to watch decontamination

On 10/9/2012, the Imperial Household Agency announced emperor and empress are to visit Kawauchi mura in Fukushima on 10/13/2012. Kawauchi mura is in 30km area. Emperor and empress will inspect