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[Live] Citizens protesting against restart of Ohi nuclear plant all night – Limitless energy

              Following up this article..Ohi nuclear plant reactor3 will be restarted on 7/1/2012 Anti-nuclear citizens have been protesting against restarting Ohi nuclear plant planned


Ohi nuclear plant reactor3 will be restarted on 7/1/2012

Following up this article..[LA times]Japan to restart nuclear reactors despite widespread fear Kepco announced they are going to restart Ohi nuclear plant reactor3 on 7/1/2012. They are planning to pull


[Hydrangea revolution] 45,000 joined demonstration against the restart of Ohi nuclear plant

[LINK] [LINK]   ↓ Mr. Hirano, the organizer is only 27 years old. He talks “Most of them joined as individual. I think they got the information from Twitter to


[NHK] Delayed disclosure at Ohi plant

Following up this article..11,000 people joined demonstration in front of official residence of JP PM Ohi nuclear plant has not been restarted yet, but Kepco is already starting to manipulate


MAFF prohibits private sector from applying strict safety limits

    Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan requested food makers and supermarket to stop their unique radiation measurement for food. Japanese government applied new safety limit from

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[Video] 20 μSv/h still detected in Fukushima city

On 4/23/2015, a citizen’s group detected 20.1 μSv/h in Fukushima city. It was in the river area of Abukuma-gawa river, where is open for everyone as a park. It was over

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Mt. Asamasan erupted first time after a period of 6 years from 2009

Following up this article.. Japan Meteorological Agency raised the warning level of Mt. Asamasan / Possibility of eruption [URL]   At 9:30 AM of 6/16/2015, Mt. Asamasan erupted. It was reported

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French Gov put Japan into “Sensitive country” list for Fukushima along with Afghanistan

French government has been putting Japan into the list of “Sensitive country”. As far as Fukushima Diary researches, Japan has been in the list since April of 2013 but it

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Fukushima medical university states variety of diseases increasing in disaster area of Fukushima

Epidemiology professor, Ohira from Fukushima medical university stated variety of diseases are increasing in the former evacuation zone of Fukushima. It’s 13 municipal areas. Prof. Ohira stated in the symposium held

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1.4 μSv/h measured in Edogawa ward Tokyo after Typhoon Neoguri passed – Photo

A local citizen posted a picture (attached above) of radiation measurement. The reading was 1.396 μSv/h. The location was in a riverbed of Arakawa-river in Edogawa ward, Tokyo, where Tokyo