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  1. Susan Chalcroft
    Susan Chalcroft 13 September, 2011, 13:46

    Diagnoses were:

    Ailments of the throat (172 cases)
    Nosebleed (106 cases)
    Diarrhea (97 cases)
    Fatigue (83 cases)
    Cough (61 cases)
    Pain in the nose, cold (50 cases)
    Headaches (42 cases)
    Swollen Eyes (39 cases)
    Fever (34 cases)
    Stomatitis (28 cases) After the Nuclear tests in Maralinga many Aboriginal people died from radiation. Some of the children were left to bury the dead. Some said our mothers and fathers went blind. When they did make it to a doctor they were told they had the flu. Many now have cancers and other illnesses. I don’t know what the difference is between war and peace when the Country is left a radioactive nightmare and the people are dead or sick for generations. Especially when it’s your allies doing it to you.

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